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Cold Storage Rooms

At ecoCOOL refrigeration we specialise in the design, supply and installation of modular and bespoke walk-in cold storage rooms of all shapes and sizes – cold rooms and freezer rooms suitable for a range of sectors.

Our modular range is designed to be adaptable to almost any situation or configuration and provides cost effective cold storage solutions to a large range of business categories:

  1. Industrial & Warehouse cold storage
  2. Pharmaceutical / Laboratory Control temperature rooms & Stability chambers
  3. Supermarket & Convenience Store chill / freezer combination rooms
  4. Hotel,  Bar & Kitchen cold rooms
  5. Butcher, Ice cream and complete food preparation facilities

Each cold storage room is designed in consultation with our customers to meet the exact requirements in their industry. From 10m high rooms with automatic sliding fork lift doors to clean room specific PIR FM approved laboratory rooms, ecoCOOL can meet the most stringent international standard. Once our structural design has been agreed we work closely with our customers to design the best refrigeration system to suit their application. Whether we choose an off the shelf mono bloc plugin system to a bespoke digital / inverter pack with heat recovery to maximize efficiency and deliver 100 %  free hot water. At ecoCOOL we are always on the look out for new advances in technology to conserve energy and improve performance, coupled with over 50 yrs refrigeration industry knowledge, we believe we can tailor-make a perfectly sized, most energy efficient package for all your cold storage and refrigeration requirements. 

We also provide nationwide service to maintain your equipment once installation is complete. Our experienced service team can also look after your existing storage equipment and offer energy saving solutions and new technologies to help keep your energy bills under control. 

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Alexion Pharm –  Blancardstown, Co Dublin

Installation of 2 x 3000 m3 PIR Logistics holding cold rooms with 100 % automated back-up systems & 4 x Pharma Lab cold rooms with 100% automated back-up systems and bespoke BMS alarmed control panels to FDA standards

Chill RoomAlexion ExteriorCHill Lab

DHL- Horizon Logistics Park, Dublin City.

Installation of 1 x 5000 m3 PIR Logistics holding cold rooms with 100 % automated back-up systems & bespoke BMS alarmed control panels to FDA standards.

dhl Roomsdhl logodhl