Lancer Glycol Beer Systems

Lancer glycol beer system



ecoCOOL / Lancer Glycol Beer System

Designed originally as a draught beer cooling system about twenty years ago, the ecoCOOL / Lancer glycol beer system has evolved into a holistic beer system that delivers the best quality product and that can cater for all your other refrigeration products, big or small, such as beer cold rooms, food cold rooms, bottle coolers or wine chilling equipment etc. We create a ring main of –4oC (30% glycol, 70% water) liquid, which is pumped to each piece of refrigerated equipment. The equipment is then closely controlled with digital thermostats allowing perfect serving temperatures and precision performance.

Each pub, hotel, or restaurant will have different needs and expectations. We design this system to handle these needs by using the unique Lancer Glycol beer system tanks with inbuilt Brazed Heat Exchangers. We then select highly efficient outdoor compressor motors to operate the tank. The uniqueness of our plate system also creates multiple dispense temperatures allowing every ice beer, lager, stout or ale to be served to perfect brewery standards. Most importantly, we can then capture the water heat from the compressors to provide free hot water! Click here to arrange a free site survey, energy audit or to find out more about the Lancer glycol beer system. 

Advantages of the ecoCOOL / Lancer Glycol Beer System

  1. Improved Beer Quality

Because we chill at point of dispense with the Lancer chiller plate, we ensure PREMIUM QUALITY at a range of temperatures from –1°C to + 10°C.

  1. Reduced Energy Costs 

With correct design and installation, energy consumption will be reduced dramatically, from anywhere between 40% to 60% depending on the site.

  1. Reduced Beer Waste

On pouring beer waste, the ecoCOOL Glycol System will reduce waste to approximately 0.5%! Recommended line cleaning would be a cycle of approximately four weeks.

  1. Free Hot Water

We can transfer the heat generated by the external compressors into FREE HOT WATER up to 50°C!

  1. Brewery Approved 

The system has been approved for Grant Aid in the R.O.I. by all leading Irish Breweries and a specification has been written by the Inter Brewery Group and ecoCOOL.

  1. Maintenance Reduction

By removing multiple compressors, refrigeration maintenance costs will be greatly reduced.

  1. Noise, Heat and More Undercounter Space

Removing ancillary coolers under bars and with no motors in your bottle coolers, noise and heat will not be an issue whilst also providing more undercounter space.

  1. World Renowned Technology

Lancer have been providing top quality beer dispense equipment for decades and with ecoCOOL’s expertise in design and installation, you can rest assured that you have the best system technologically available.


What Satisfied Glycol System users have to say:JD Wetherspoons 

“Wetherspoons HAVE been using Glycol equipment for nearly six years now in all their UK outlets for draught dispense and with their refrigeration knowledge have made a holistic refrigeration system. I believe that this system, properly designed, using the correct components and controls, and most importantly, correctly installed, could revolutionize the Hospitality Industry.”

Steve Housden, Wetherspoon Dispense Consultant


“With multiple dispense areas to contend with, we had immenseLaverys bar problems with temperature, quality and waste. Being able to chill our beers at the point of dispense fixed these three problems at once. The added bonus was the flexibility of having ice beer temperatures and ice fonts anywhere, without the need for under counter coolers.”

Bernard Lavery, Lavery’s Bar, Bradbury Place, Belfast


Red Cow BAr

Red Cow Inn – Dublin City

Installation of Glycol Beer cooling system, linked to 3 x Food Cold rooms,1 X Keg cold room, 1 x Bottle beer store, 6 x Glycol Remote Bottle coolers, 1 x post mix mineral cooler & 1 x Wine Lab chiller wine dispenser. All working form 1 x compressor with 1 x back up compressor. All compressor heat  is then recovered to a 1000 lt Hot water storage tank giving 100 % FREE HOT WATER.


Mikey Ryan’s Bar –  Cashel, Co TipperaryRyans BAr

Installation of Glycol Beer cooling system linked to Food Cold room. All stainless steel bar interior, glasswashers, Ice machines, Bottle coolers and Beer Taps.